Hi! My name is

Germán Carrillo,
I’m a Audiovisual Producer.

I think myself as a person that like to forge videos as a Blacksmith do to a Sword, making each of them unique, like the people in the world.

There are techniques, styles and a ton of stuff already created BUT what we do with those things and our skills, is what makes them go to one way or another, so, at the end of the day any video created can make people feel things and I think that is what matters.

My Skillset

What can I do for you?

Video Production

Short video planification and recording for any kind of video with sketch and mood boards that helps you get the desired final product

Video editing

For any subject, I love to give the final details to any video ins post production


  •  Infographics
  • 2D characters
  • Photo Parallax


Working Tools 

  • Davinci Resolve Studio
  • After Effects
  • Affinity Designer/ Photo